Statement of Purpose

Ennis Music Studio was established to create a central location for students to have the opportunity to participate in specialized instruction for the instrument of their choice. Since Ennis Music Studio opened in downtown Perry in July of 2007, it has expanded to the areas of dance and art in addition to music. 

Lora Ennis, the owner of Ennis Music Studio, wanted a music business that would fit the needs of every student. With the economy in the situation that it is currently in, many students are not financially able to begin instruction with a well trained and experienced teacher. Unlike other music businesses and conservatories, Ennis Music Studio provides teachers in training in addition to experienced teachers. By allowing students to begin lessons with a student teacher, students are able to test the waters of private lessons without the financial requirements of an experienced teacher. Therefore, the student is able to save a substancial amount of money and receive the lessons of their choice. All Student teachers are personally trained by Lora Ennis or another professional exhibiting comparable experience and education. 

In addition to providing classes to fit every budget, we provide instruction to prepare students for scholarship competitions, festivals, guilds, recitals, and other events that become available for the student's participation. Although public performance isn't required, participation in these events is strongly encouraged as performance is a part of a well-rounded education experience. 

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